Our UA platform gives marketing managers direct access to a totally new approach to User Acquisition.
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Get your highest quality users

Get your highest quality users

Our ad format Playtime applies user profile targeting to find the right users for you, and guarantees continuous app engagement by unique rewarded experiences.

We connect users with new apps they will use again, again and again..

Direct Traffic Only

We are a SDK-only network, allowing you to acquire your target users from direct premium sources.

User Profiling

Our GDPR compliant SDK has the ability to read users installed apps and app usage. This data allows us to work with Partners to identify and then build campaigns that target their most valuable users.

Targeting Options

Age & Gender

By analyzing users device history we are able to identify both ages and genders of the Playtime user.

App Vertical

Get closer to your top users. We also know a users mobile behavior so you can target players of different app verticals.

Operating System

Target users by their Android Operating system to segment high from low-value users.


Our global traffic lets you reach top users from the US to Djibouti. Adjoe’s direct SDK network has an endless scale.


Let adjoe do the work. Our device targeting option lets you reach your most premium devices.


We want you to be able to dig deeper. Scale your top publishers with individualized CPI’s.
ROAS Optimization

ROAS Optimization

Get the most out of your adjoe campaigns. By analyzing your post install data, we can determine which user type has contributed to your overall ROAS so you can take a calculated approach to campaign optimization.
Our account managers help you to apply the most appropriate CPI for every user.

Long Term Retention Model

Our ad formats name “Playtime” says it all. Adjoe encourages app usage by rewarding users for continuously playing your app!

Playtime’s reward economy is built around time spent in new apps and not by actions completed, thus driving users to those points in your app where they start spending money.

Our reward structure is based on time spent not actions completed.
Just play your favorite game again and again! Users have good reason to use your app by getting continuously rewarded for time spent.
Users are shown games based on their own interests which leads to higher retention and longer playtime.

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No SDK Integration Required for advertisers!
We support all major attribution providers.

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